Healing Stones Pouch

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Amethyst, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Rock Quartz and Sodalite polished healing stones are packaged securely in a plastic sleeve within a velvet carry pouch. The pouch also includes a small pamphlet with a description of the healing properties of each gem.

In addition to tumbled stones having become fashion objects they have been used for healing throughout the ages. More and more people are discovering them and experimenting with their purported properties and healing strengths.

For instance, Amethyst is said to ease headaches and relieve tension and stress. Carnelian may help to ease asthma and hay fever and may also stimulate your vitals and metabolism. Rose Quartz is said to strengthen the heart and lungs and may even soothe burns and soften your complexion. Rock Quartz is believed to be a general healer for any condition and may stimulate the immune system. Sodalite is said to help block negative energy.

The image provided is a typical example of this product and the price shown is for one (1) item only. Each items includes one (1) velvet pouch, one (1) of each tumbled gemstone (Amethyst, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Rock Quartz, and Sodalite), and one (1) small pamphlet with a description of each gem. The quality of each item is the same.

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