Family owned and operated since 1971

Topstones started its business in Simon’s Town way back in 1971 in a small building on four acres of land. Since then it has gradually expanded into what it is today with its buildings covering over two acres. Storage was always a problem, which necessitated buying a large separate building for this purpose 10km away.

Topstones is a family owned and run business and has always concentrated on tumbling on a large scale and can justly claim to be the world’s largest supplier of tumbled stones. Over the years the business has developed into three divisions: Manufacturing, wholesale and factory shops.

Manufacturing: Not only do we process all South African stones, but also import from Africa, the Americas, Europe and Far East and in fact anywhere where suitable raw materials are to be found. After processing these at our factory in Simon’s Town where we employ 110 people, the majority of our stones are exported to all corners of the world.

Wholesale: We supply other wholesalers, retailers and various South African businesses with all their stone requirements. These include rough rocks, mineral specimens, polished ornamental stones, beads, bracelets and other jewellery. We also cater for the meta-physical market supplying crystal balls, massage wands, chakra stones, books and more.

Factory shops: Presently we have three retail shops (Mineral World/Scratch Patch) that offer anything and everything to do with gemstones, from inexpensive gifts and jewellery to fashionable gold and silver items and faceted stones. Our shops are at Simon’s Town (Topstones factory), the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, and the West Coast Ostrich Farm.

Scratch Patch

This is a unique concept, which allows visitors to “scratch” around on a bed of stones spread over the ground in an attractive outdoor environment. They select whatever stones they want and only pay for the bag they fill. Scratch Patches are situated with the Mineral World Retail Shops in Simon’s Town, the V&A Waterfront and the West coast Ostrich Farm (N7, Van Schoorsdrif Road, Philadelphia).

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