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Found in a variety of forms including a pink ornamental stone (Thulite) a bright green stone with black inclusions of Amphibole and red opaque rubies (Ruby in Zoisite) and colourless to grey, brown with crystals (Tanzanite). Ruby in Zoisite, also known as Anyolite from the Masai word for green, is found near Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in massive form. It’s in demand as a carving and ornamental stone in which the Ruby crystals from a pinhead to first size can be highlighted. Because of differences in hardness (Onsite is 6 and Ruby 9 on Mohs’ Scale), it is difficult to work and is only tackled by specialized craftsmen – making it expensive. It helps to achieve altered states of consciousness and to stimulate and energize mental processes. It improves awareness of our individuality without losing sight of our societal role. The combination of Ruby in Zoisite has a stabilizing effect on the heartbeat and assists in the treatment of cardiac disorders. It calms the body and channels energy towards logical thinking.

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