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Est. 1971 | Simon’s Town, Cape Town

A recently discovered mineral, sugilite was named after Professor Sugi who discovered it in Japan in 1944. The first discovery of gem-quality Sugilite was made 3200 feet below the ground in Wessels Manganese Mine in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. A single pocket yielded about 10 tons of gem material, and no other sources have yet been discovered. Although sugilite is one of the most popular of the “new age” stones, the best material is very rare and even the lower qualities are limited. The colour ranges from deep purple to light violet, frequently with black flecks. The material is either formed against or mixed with hard Black Manganese from which it cannot always be separated. it is also associated with other Manganese Minerals which causes its variation in colour. Although this stone is a relatively recent discovery, there are few stones with greater healing powers. it has been particularly helpful for those suffering from cancer, immune deficiency and addiction. Because of its strong balancing and nurturing qualities, it is ideal as a protective stone for sensitive people. Sugilite can be used to eliminate hostility, anger, abrasiveness, jealousy, and prejudice – in fact, all negative traits! Thought to be a wonderful stone to wear or carry, it gives one a feeling of being free and encourages confidence and inspiration. Sugilite can be used to relieve headaches as well as soothing all types of discomforts and feelings of disorder simply beholding the stone and allowing the negative energy of the discomfort to be released into the black manganese of the sugilite.

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