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A form of quartz in colours including transparent light grey, brown, dark brown and black, smoky quartz occurs on the massive or crystal form. Dark smoky or black quartz can be created by irradiation of ordinary rock crystals. It was named in 1837. Used in the past in tribal ceremonies to provide protection from negative forces, smoky quartz is still considered to be a protection stone that is thought to provide a barrier of protective energy around the user. The stone is believed to heighten survival instincts and to improve insight in “challenging” activities as well as promoting creativity in business and enhancing perception and learning. Smoky quartz has been useful in the treatment of addictions such as smoking, alcoholism and drugs. It is also thought to be helpful in dealing with fear and mood swings, as well as depression and even schizophrenia. it is a stone with strong healing powers being used to strengthen the skin and connective tissue, the muscular system, and in the treatment of infections and cancer-related diseases. Smoky quartz has also been used to promote personal pride and joy in living.

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