Family owned and operated

Est. 1971 | Simon’s Town, Cape Town

A very modern discovery that only came onto the market at the turn of the 21st century, Seraphinite is mined in the Lake Baikal area of Eastern Siberia – one of the world’s coldest and most remote areas. The stone is deep green with feathery inclusions of silver-coloured iridescent patterns. A premier healing stone of the New Age, it is the tool most suited for bringing the physical body into line with the universal Light energy. While the green colour gives Seraphinite a special affinity with the Heart Chakra – and thus a powerful gem for the development of compassion – it can also be used on any chakra or any other part of the body to enhance and harmonize energies. This all-around purifier can be used to cleanse auras, chakras and energy meridians, and all healers can benefit from this stone both by wearing it and using it on their clients.

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