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A mineral consisting essentially of manganese carbonate, rhodochrosite is most commonly found in ore veins and sedimentary deposits of pyrite and manganese ores. It is generally light to dark pink with white stripes and veins. The name derives (1836) from the Greek word Rhodocros, meaning rose coloured. Sacred for the Incas, rhodochrosite was known as “Inca stone”. It has also been called a “stone of love and balance” and is thought to awaken a need to give and receive tenderness and love. It is said to promote creativity and reduce tendencies towards avoidance or denial, helping one to accept and integrate new ideas or information. It can help with any problems concerning the heart, both emotional and physical – it is said to be useful for those who wish to heal old emotional wounds and for stabilizing the heart and pulse rate. Rhodochrosite has been useful in treating problems associated with the respiratory tract, digestion, circulation and liver as well as cancer-related diseases and stress situations.

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