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A common mineral consisting of iron disulphide found in blocks, gravel and crystals, pyrite is a pale brass-yellow or golden-yellow colour with a metallic lustre. The paler coloured variety found in unusually shaped crystals is known as Marcasite. Named in 1588. Plates of polished pyrite have been found in old Inca caves, and although assumed by some to be mirrored, these plates may have been used for their mystical powers. Because of its golden sparkle, pyrite was sometimes mistaken for gold by inexperienced prospectors causing it to become known as “fool’s gold” around 1872. Pyrite is thought to be a very protective stone, helping to ward off negative vibrations on the physical and emotional levels. Simply having a piece of pyrite in one’s possession can shield one from physical danger. thought to symbolize the warmth and lasting presence of the sun, this stone encourages the recall of warm and happy memories of love and friendship. Pyrite is believed to promote the discovery of hidden talents and to be a useful stone for those who are indecisive. The stone has been helpful in treating bronchitis, disorders of the lungs, tonsillitis influenza as well as in reducing fevers and inflammation.

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