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Rock Crystal Sphere

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The quality of these Crystal spheres are mostly clear with few inclusions, which often show rainbow’s in the light, but quality varies.

The size varies as these spheres are sold by weight. ranging from 35mm to 75mm.

The price indicated is for one (1) kilogram of Rock Crystal Spheres. A minimum purchase of 250 grams is required.

Additional information




Crown Chakra



Emotional Healing Properties

Purity, Dispel negativity, Dissolve enchantments


Attractive Inclusions, Clear

Moh's Hardness Scale

6.5 – 7.5

Physical Healing Properties

Bleeding, Dizziness, Fever, haemorrhage, Kidney Trouble, Lactation, Pain, Spasms, Vertigo

Order quantity:

250gr, 500gr, 1kg

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