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Mother of Pearl also known as Nacre is valued as a gemstone although it is not actually a mineral, but an organic gem. The smooth, iridescent substance is formed from the inside of a shell. Often Abalone shells and Oysters. In ancient times Mother of Pearl was among the first materials used to create decorative items such as boxes, jewellery, ceremonial items and even plates and bowls. To this day Mother of pearl is used to create many beautiful items one of which is a spoon-like utensil for caviar, so as not to spoil the taste with metal spoons. Mother-of-pearl is said to bring prosperity, intuition and faith. It has soothing and gentle energy, especially with young children. Children who are hyperactive and suffer from learning disorders will benefit from this material as it will bring calmness to a restless mind, relieve stress and bring focus. It is also a very protective gem, like a protective mother it will ward off negative thoughts and energies. Can also be helpful with fertility and promote healthy lactation when breastfeeding.

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