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Magnetite is a black oxide of iron in the spinel group and is also known in the gemstone trade as Lodestone. The colour range includes iron black and pale brown and the stone is strongly magnetic. It is found both in dark octahedral crystals and in amorphous lumps and can be attracted by a magnet from surrounding rubble. The name dates back to 1851. It is said that in 2634 BC the Chinese emperor Huang-it constructed a compass with the aid of magnetite and that in twelfth-century Europe the Vikings were using it for magnetic needles. Because of its magnetic power, it has been called the Hercules Stoneù. In days past it was particularly popular with men who used it to retain and strengthen virility. Throughout history, magnetite has been credited with the ability to cure rheumatism, general weakness, liver disorders, eye diseases, fractures, leg cramps, neuralgia and barrenness in women. Today it is also used to correct spinal damage caused by bad posture. Magnetite is said to promote tenacity, durability and endurance and to provide the answers required to get out of undesirable situations by enabling one to view things from a distance.

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