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Lava said to be derived from the Latin word ‘Labes’ which translates to, “to fall”, is a form of molten rock that has been expelled by a volcano and becomes solidified once cooled after an eruption. Lava makes up the core of some planets including earth and in its liquid state reaches temperatures as hot as 1,200∞C. Often dark charcoal grey to black in colour, Lava has an interesting matt surface that is rough and nobly. It is incredibly light in weight and some substances even float on water. When Lava is cooled more rapidly, this is all dependent on the nature and whereabouts of the eruption, it forms Obsidian which is a volcanic glass. Lava stone was used quite extensively around the 17th to 18th century by talented masonries in Sicily, Italy for decorative and dramatic brickwork during the Baroque period. Although carrying gentle energy, Lava provides a strong sense of stability, strength and courage. It is a great help in assisting one with changes in life, bringing confidence and a positive attitude when taking on challenges. Since it comes straight from the earth fiery core Lava keeps one protected and grounded. Especially useful for the Root Chakra. Lava has been used in ancient times as a remedy for poor libido and infertility, as well as bringing one out of a depressive and self-destructive state.

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