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A gemstone quality aluminium silicate, the word Kyanite derives from the Greek word ‘Kuanos’ meaning ‘deep blue’. The blue variety of Kyanite is the most common but other colours such as black, green, orange, indigo, white and rarely pink have been found. Similar to that of Cat’s Eye and Tigers Eye, Kyanite shows off lustrous reflections when turned, which is called chatoyancy. Kyanite is often seen in jewellery form but is also used in the production of industrial products such as mortars, brake shoe lining, pottery and electronic ceramics to mention a few. A strong healing stone, Kyanite can be used on all chakras. Especially beneficial for the higher chakras assisting with spiritual growth, intuition and lucid dreaming. Kyanite promotes clarity and clear communication. It is said to be a useful remedy for sore throats, headaches and help one maintain healthy blood pressure.

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