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Technically there are two minerals comprising jade: jadeite (which is normally white to pale green, but sometimes bright green ì imperial jade ì or even blue/grey or pink) and nephrite from the Spanish (1657) piedra de la ijada, literally meaning lion stone from the belief that jade cures renal colic. Jade was used in ancient times for weapons, utensils and ornaments. It is one of the toughest minerals known and was probably the most revered stone in Ancient China, representing the five cardinal virtues of charity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. Almost all Chinese wore a piece of jade in one form or another to protect the wearer from illness and accidental injury. It was used by ancient primitive tribes as a sacred stone, assisting them in access to the spiritual worlds. Old writings suggest it protects the wearer from kidney problems and brings good luck in games of chance. It is a soft gentle stone and is believed to promote long and prosperous life. It is good for flexibility and tolerance a stone of friendship. Taken in a drink, jade can strengthen the muscles, harden the bones, calm the mind and purify the blood. It soothes, heals and balances, is good for asthma and heart, kidney and bladder problems.

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