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Iolite is the gem-quality variety of Cordierite. The name Iolite is derived from the Greek word ‘ios’ meaning violet, although the sapphire-blue Iolite is the most common it is not limited to this and is also found in light gold to honey yellow colour. It has also been given the name ‘dichroite’, a Greek word that roughly translates to “two-coloured rock”. When observed from different angles, especially in polarized light, Iolite is a deep blue and then again clear and colourless from another angle, this optical phenomenon is known as pleochroism. The “Vikings Compass” is another interesting name for Iolite, when travelling on overcast days, the gem would help determine the direction of the light helping lead the way. A popular reference for Iolite is “water-sapphire”.Copious amounts of Cordierite are found in Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka. However, the largest Iolite was found, weighing more than an incredible 24,000 carats, in Wyoming, US. Iolite works best on the Third Eye Chakra. A stone of vision, intuition and spiritual growth. Iolite is said to aid addictions such as alcoholism and can help to regenerate the liver and detoxify the body. When used in conjunction with Amethyst, Iolite can help one maintain sobriety. Thought to be helpful too, for any problems with the eyes, nose and easing a headache.

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