Family owned and operated

Est. 1971 | Simon’s Town, Cape Town

A white opaque calcium borate with grey/black veining. The best-known locality is outside Los Angeles but the area has now become residential. Over the last 20 years, the material has become substituted by white magnesite from Zimbabwe similar in appearance which is now (although incorrectly) also known as Howliteù. Both materials look similar and both accept a dye easily. Howlite increases the ability to improve and strengthen memory and desire for knowledge. Said to assist in the growth and healing of bones and teeth and tissue on account of its calcium content. Helps balance the calcium levels. It is also an aid to dietary problems such as for overweight and anorexia. Used by those suffering from insomnia or fear of sleeping in the dark. When carried in one’s pocket, it helps to calm anger and soothe emotions.

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