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Around 50 AD, Pliny called this variety of iron ore Haematatis meaning blood redù on account of the colour of the powder or perhaps the water coloured by the dust after cutting and crushing the stone. High-quality Haematite ore is black, as is the jewellery made from it. In its purest form, it appears as glittering black crystal plates known as Specularite. Haematite has been called a stone for the mindù, helping one to sort out troubling issues on one’s mind. It can be helpful in the enhancement of mental attunement, memory, original thinking and technical knowledge. Although this stone stimulates mental capability, it also produces a calming influence. Dispelling self-limiting concepts promotes the realisation of one’s full potential. It is also capable of helping the body to remain cool; placed on the forehead it will draw out the heat from a fever. Haematite can be used in the treatment of leg cramps, anaemia, nervous disorders and insomnia and is said to increase resistance to stress. It has been known to assist in spinal alignment and in the healing of fractures. Placing pieces of Haematite on the base of the spine, on the area of misalignment and on the top of the spine is said to aid in the adjustment of the vertebrae. Although it is traditionally used in jewellery for mourning, it is today found combined with pearls in fashion jewellery.

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