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Est. 1971 | Simon’s Town, Cape Town

Derived from the Latin word to flowù as the mineral was easily melted and used as a flux in metalwork. The most common colour we see is translucent to transparent purple, white and/or green ì especially in the material from China or Mexico used for jewellery. It is an important industrial mineral with many uses such as in the manufacture of refrigeration gas, non-stick coatings, toothpaste, and fluxes for the metal industry. The stone is popular with cutters and collectors as it also comes in bright colours such as yellow and blue ì as well as more common greens and purples. It is a soft stone that can easily be scratched. An extremely soothing stone helping in concentration and learning, it allows the body to operate at maximum efficiency. Well known in medicine for strengthening the bones and especially the enamel of teeth.

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