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Dumortierite was first discovered in 1881 by a French mineralogist M.F. Gonnard, who named the stone after Eugene Dumortier, a French palaeontologist. The stone varies in colour from browns, blacks and white to the most sort after violet-blues. Found in the USA, Sri Lanka and Brazil among others. Known as “The Stone of Learning”, dumortierite helps with concentration and the ability to understand and retain what we have learnt. Dumortierite stimulates all intellectual aspects of the brain and is especially useful when learning a foreign language. Also believed to be a natural healer and helper for neurological functioning. It is a highly stimulating stone for the pineal gland, located behind the Forehead Chakra. The pineal gland produces hormones that affect ones sleeping pattern. Sleeping with the stone beside you can regulate sleeping patterns and has been known to relieve insomnia.

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