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Coral, the vacated housing of a marine animal, comes from the sea. The kind of coral traditionally used in jewellery is found in reefs in the tropical waters of Polynesia, off the coast of Japan and in the Mediterranean. Although red coral is most frequently used in jewellery, other colours include pink, white, black and blue. Coral was named in the 14th century. Coral was highly regarded as a symbol of vitality by the Tibetans and American Indians and was thought to be indispensable on bone formation, particularly for children. These beliefs applied particularly to red coral and it was even considered to be an indication of blood disease if the coral became paler when worn. In fact, red coral is believed to be useful for treating anaemia, circulation problems, menstrual disorders and infertility. Representing diplomacy and concurrence, coral is said to quiet the emotions and bring inner peace as well as promoting intuition, imagination and visualization.

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