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A fine-grained quartz (first recorded in the 13th Century) that derives its beautiful apple-green colour from the presence of nickel in the stone. Chrysoprase was called the Stone of Venusù by the Romans. In the middle ages, it was valued as a cure for restlessness, for making the wearer quick-witted and for imparting adaptability and presence of mind. It was also carried as a safety measure by those undertaking sea voyages. Chrysoprase is said to be a very inward-lookingù stone, helping with calming, balancing and inner metal healing while enhancing light-heartedness and joy. It can moderate superiority or inferiority complexes and is thought to encourage fidelity in business and personal affairs. It has been used in the treatment of disorders of the heart, to control bleeding, to increase one dexterity and to relieve frailty and infirmity. Chrysoprase is also thought to be helpful in childbirth.

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