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Est. 1971 | Simon’s Town, Cape Town

The terminology Cats Eye (named in 1599) sometimes refers to a variety of Chrysoberyl but more commonly to silicified asbestos known as Tigers Eye or Hawk Eye (both shown above). Cats Eye shows a light-coloured line that changes position as the gem is turned, giving it a resemblance to the eye of a cat. The colour range is endless due to the numerous stones in which it may occur. This mineral is said to represent happiness and serenity and to amplify one’s luckù. It can act to stimulate intuition and enhance awareness and can also be used in the treatment of eye disorders or to increase vision responses during night driving. In addition, cat-eye has been used to relieve headaches and pain associated with the nervous system as well as asthma and bowel cramps. Cats-Eye is Thursdays stone.

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