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A widespread mineral. Crystals are relatively common and display a large variety of shapes ranging from short stubby crystals to long needle-like forms. As they are found in so many areas and are associated with such a wide variety of minerals, they are one of the most sought after minerals for collectors. Calcite is normally colourless or white but can be found in a number of colours when influenced by other minerals. Because of its softness, it is difficult to polish but its lustre can be enhanced through acid treatment ì but because it will dissolve even in mild hydrochloric acid, Crystals should never be cleaned in this substance. Calcite is used in the chemical and metallurgical industries, in the form of marble and travertine in the building industry, and Calcite rich Limestone is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of cement. The mineral releases electrical impulses when placed under pressure and is also an energy amplifier. All calcite is a good remover of stagnant energy. Recently found in large pieces ideal for the manufacture of Spheres and Obelisks, etc. A powerful stone to help reach total relaxation in deep meditation. The best source is China.

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