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Bronzite is from the pyroxene group of minerals along with enstatite and a closely related gem Hypersthene. Rather than a specific species, Bronzite is rather a variety of enstatite. A green to brown colour with a golden metallic glow. Found mainly in Brazil. A stone to promote self-control, Bronzite is also said to clear confusion helping those who struggle with being indecisive. Often used in meditation for reflection, easing the mind of past worries or uncertainties to bring peace of mind. Bronzite has been known to ease exhaustion and furthermore, to assist one with maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern. It will inspire a polite and gentle nature in yourself and those around you to, a strong stone that carries with it protective masculine energy. Bronzite eases the physical and even emotional discomfort we go through during life cycles, such as menopause and puberty. It will balance the bodies PH levels, help with muscle spasms as well as insomnia.

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