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Apatite came from the Greek word ’apatao’ (1780’s), which means ‘to deceive’ as it was often confused with Aquamarine, Beryl or Emerald. The typical colours of apatite range from tropical blues to shades of greens and yellows. Although colours such as pinks, purples and browns have been found. Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral in apatite which is the main constituent of tooth enamel, this mineral is also found in bone. In ancient times it was believed to relieve toothache and cure tooth decay. It is useful to elderly people and those with bone conditions said to strengthen the bones of those who wore it. Apatite is said to promote self-confidence, vision and insight. When kept under a pillow at night it is said to stimulate lucid dreaming. The blue variety is also helpful when there is a need for clear communication and self-expression.

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